Friday, October 15, 2010

Appalling reactions

I am appalled at the reactions coming from both the sides (India and Australia) after incidents of Australian vandalism at the Games village, were brought to light by the Indian media. 

Australia's Commonwealth Games boss Perry Crosswhite said "I would be surprised if it was an Australian" and blamed athletes from other countries who were in the Australian building at the time of the incident. Interesting. No apology. Not even an acknowledgement.

The Australian high commission said, "It is factually wrong, insulting to Australia's athletes and can only be described as a fantasy." The facts have been verified by the Delhi police. And what about all the insult to Indians during the Games - the obscene finger gesture by two Aussie athletes, the four letter word use and now this? 

Lt Gen Ashok Kapur, the CWG Village in-charge, said "It was no major incident of anybody going berserk, and suggested the athletes were only having a "fun time". Is this how Aussies have fun? Breaking things around them?

CWG OC secretary general, Lalit Bhanot said, "The issue was taken up with the Australian Commonwealth Games Associattion, who regretted the incident and agreed to pay for the damage as per guidelines."  Is it about the money? Destruction of public property in India is a punishable offence. How can they be let off so easy?

Indian External Affairs minister said "It is a minor issue. It should be sorted out. With Australia, we have a very good relationship. We will solve it to the satisfaction of both the parties." Why do we want to appease the Aussies? Such uncouth behavior should be condemned and reported, not covered up for the "satisfaction of both parties". 

Simply Appalling! I don't think such behavior would have been made peace with, in any other country (even Australia), especially if Indians were involved. It has been now proven that Australians are very bad losers and we Indians are born appeasers.  

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