Sunday, September 5, 2010

Free minds

Indian schools are pretty basic and routine in the way they teach. You may find a few exceptions here and there, but basically, the techniques used are the age-old tell (not teach) the kid something and then ask (not apply) them about it later. If he/she was able to produce the exact sentence the tutor used, excellent! If he/she dared to add his/her own perception....aah! He/she is doomed. No wonder we often hear kids complaining, "I don't want to go to school today. School is boooring!" 

So, I was rather happy to come across this piece of news today - 

A roller dice has been invented by a Pune-based software programmer, Vikram Dubal, that will help the visually impaired as well as sighted students to improve their mathematical skills in a fun manner. The dice challenges the students' imagination to device their own games on the toy as they count the dots on it. As many as 20 games are possible on that toy. 
"These kids just need a trigger to set their imagination and senses free. They have the freedom to do the counting on the dice the way they want, and they are enjoying it," said Dubal
What the Indian education system lacks is teaching in a way that ignites the creativity of the child, that stimulates their thinking process. Don't look for an obedient child. Look for a thinker, creator, artist, intellectual in him.

Do the teachers even realize the sheer number of ideas they can unleash, if only they set every child's mind free? If they can give their thoughts the wings, they will teach them to fly! 


  1. Loved ur post :)

    esp. this line:

    If they can give their thoughts the wings, they will teach them to fly!

  2. simple article powerful thoughts

  3. i agree with you but in india, still most of the population is illiterare and don,t follow western ways of teaching. but ,yes, the teachers should make class interesting and creative so that each child would take part in class activities. so are the ways, a teacher should make class creative

  4. @ Manisha: Teaching is about making the illiterate literate. I don't ask schools to follow western ways of teaching. We can develop our own ways of teaching. The way students were taught in ashrams by a guru in ancient India was a great method of teaching - it was morals oriented and the guru persistently tested and asked students to apply the knowledge they had gained.

  5. Thank you for your appreciation Debojit and awaaj. Please keep visiting :)


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