Saturday, October 16, 2010

Prospective groom or prospective employee?

Yesterday, my friend P told me about a conversation he had with Mr. K. It went something like this -
K: Hello P :) 
P: Hi Sir :) 
K: So P, do you have a girlfriend? 
P: No Sir, I do not.
K: Why not? There were a lot of beautiful girls roaming around the campus in the morning. 
I wondered what Mr. K had to do with my friend's relationship status. Was Mr. K trying to get P hitched? P went on answering and K went on asking.  
K:  So what does your father do? How old is he? Do you have a sibling? What does he do? Are you a Hindu? 
K: Alright, so what are your views on marriage? 
By now I was convinced Mr. K considered P a prospective groom. But the next question threw me off. 
K: So P, what if we send you to some place overseas for the job? 
Aah! So it was a job interview. These were the questions my friend was asked for a civil design job interview.

 Job interviews, it seems, give you full freedom to ask anyone, anythingPersonal questions? What's that?  Of course my faith and my relationship status have everything to do with my job. Sometimes, unusual questions are asked to put the applicants on the spot and gauge their presence of mind. But going by this interview, there has to be some kind of censorship of the questions you can ask in there.

Though, interviews are never one-sided. So, applicants too, fully exercise their right to say anything in the interview that'll work in their favor. Free to lie and cook up if it suits them so. May be job interviewers should carry the holy book next time and ask applicants to swear by the oft repeated court lie  "I will speak the truth and nothing but the truth" ;)

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  1. there is a vision that comes to the mind of employer ,who catches something around in the air ,so as to contradict his aspirations with the employee who some what reminds him of a near past...or what ever...
    should be confident,say the right if done d right things...darna kya?

    naukari hume dhundtin h....jst remember this....


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