Friday, October 15, 2010

About monkeys in Australia

(Foreigners in India enjoy more freedom than Indians do) 

The Times of India reports the Australian Commonwealth Games team had gone crazy after their cricket team's loss to India in the Mohali test cricket series 2010. They destroyed electrical fittings, fixtures and furniture in their tower at the Games Village. The hooliganism continued despite police efforts, and a washing machine was thrown down from the eigth floor!

Now I wonder what was all that controversy about, two years ago, when an Australian sports person was called a monkey by an Indian player.


  1. Is probably why the crowd was referred to as monkey in the commonwealth games!

  2. Bhajji will love this. Actually Ira,this is veryyyy controversial, but i must say you are at your best.

  3. This is funny :P Wish their hockey players too had gone insane before the final :P Where's Sigh moans nowadays ? :P

  4. @ Inder: Ha ha ha Bhajji probably didn't say "monkey", it could have been the Hindi swear word...but since we don't have the recorded sounds, we'll never know ;)
    @ Debojit: Their hockey players had gone insane! What's with the 8 goals :P And Sighmoans has probably retired. I think he plays for T20 only. I am sure he's never coming back to India though :P

  5. either way its unacceptable, however lets treat it like a joke.


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