Thursday, April 14, 2011

Asterix, Obelix and the Pirates of Somalia

I. When Pirates Used to Add Humour to Comics

And it always ended as...

II. When the Indian Government Started Adding Humour** to Important Issues

It started ending as...

Somali pirates have been attacking cargo ships sailing near the coast of Africa, since 2008. *63 Indian sailors on board these ships have been captured by them since 2010. While 10 have been rescued so far, 53 still remain hostage to tortures inflicted by the barbarians. 

An Indian sailor recounts his tale of horror, after being rescued - 

"They put our captain and chief engineer both in a refrigeration room and that refrigeration room temperature is nearly minus 17 degrees and they kept the captain and chief engineer in there for half an hour or one hour," said Sandeep Dangwal.

To know more about his horrifying experience, read  - "Has India forsaken its men?"

The **humour of our government - 

The external affairs minister, S.M Krishna "warned" the pirates as follows, "Let us hope they will see the path of reason and sanity and not harm those they have taken in captivity."

If they were so civilised to understand reason and sanity, they would not have hijacked ships, killed and held human lives hostage for ransom, as they have. 

I recently read on someone's Facebook status, "I just pray to God, that in my next life, don't send me to Hindustan." I was hurt when I read that! But perhaps it is this feeling of being orphaned and abandoned by the government, that explain the person's anguish somewhere. 


  1. It's true human life has no value in this country...pirates capture our men...Indian government gives "warnings"....that is all they care for....even when they had to evacuate out men during the whole Arab world unrest was happening....we were so's like we are a population of 1.2billion...who cares if a few thousand long as the rich and famous are surviving....

  2. the way you have blended it ..Ira..Interesting it is...

  3. @Newsgirl: I don't think they care about the rich and the famous either. The rich and the famous just have the power to move governments into action

  4. Metaphorising on political issues: something I rarely see, and only way I can tolerate it. ;)

    I've said this before on your post about libya; our govt is too soft.

  5. Glad I could make it tolerable for you :)


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