Sunday, April 10, 2011

Heresy - Does Team India deserve all?

*Want roti, kapda, makaan? Join the Indian cricket team*

Team India's winning moment at the 2011 Cricket World Cup 

Congratulations to the Indian cricket team for winning the World Cup, but the country is going rather berserk in showering them with gifts and awards.

The latest I read was a premium airline announcing lifetime complimentary passes to all members of the winning World Cup squad.  Before that, the Indian railways had announced First AC lifetime complimentary passes for the players.

It all started when the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced a crore each to all players of the squad and respective state governments joined the bandwagon. The Tamil Nadu government announced Rs 3 crores to the team, the Punjab government announced a crore each to Harbhajan and Yuvraj. The Delhi government announced Rs 2 crore to Dhoni. The Maharashtra government announced a crore each to Sachin and Zaheer.

Does the government have so much money lying around idle? All my economics books taught me about the scarcity of funds in India being one of the major causes for the delayed progress of the country. 

Not just money, there are houses too and cars. The government of Karnataka announced a plot each to all players, Uttarakhand promised one each to Dhoni and Sachin and Jharkand announced another for Dhoni. A sponsor of the World Cup announced cars for each player.

There are about 2 million homeless people living on the streets of India, but the government has enough free plots to give away as presents to millionaires. India behaves as if the country 'owes' the team something. We are thrilled when they accomplish such milestones. But at the end of day, that's what they are paid for, and paid handsomely by the BCCI (their salaries).

If the government wishes to reward these cricketers for their performances, it may endow them with medals, trophies, souvenirs or other honours. But, paying them the tax-payers' money pinches.

Hoping that the governments may spend these funds in priority sectors is too much to ask, the least they could do is spend it on the development of other sports in our country. Knowing cricket is the money-making sport in India, the resources it generates can be used in promoting other sports, till they eventually gain popularity and stand up on their feet.

May be one day we'll know our priorities and India can boast of a few more sports people who do not play cricket. Or better still, a few more people who do not live on the streets.

*Well actually, rupya, bangla, gaadi*


  1. And someone says... she can't write

  2. you really think they'd care for the tax payers money, or the homeless for that matter.....our money is either spent on Kasab in jail or on our cricketers for winning various tournaments....the poor can be poor some some more time....but the victory has to be celebrated....misplaced sense of priorities....but it's India...and that's how we are!

  3. @Newsgirl: That's the point. They don't care. You have to let them know they are responsible and accountable to us.


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