Wednesday, August 18, 2010



This was the TIME magazine cover for the week of 9th August, 2010 

The girl on the cover is Aisha, an 18-year-old Afghan whose ears and nose were cut off at the behest of a Taliban commander, her only crime being fleeing from her abusive in-laws. Makes you think if women have really attained freedom, doesn't it?

This is just one example among many, of the persisting oppression of  women in society. And this is me talking in the 21st century. Apparently, in the Pashtun society, nose cutting is the 'punishment' for a wife who 'disgraces' her 'husband'. And according to propagandists in Afghanistan, that was what happened with Aisha 

Without sounding like a misandrist, I can infer from this that the men in such a society have no qualms about first beating and abusing a woman and then mutilating her further if she protests or tries to protect herself.

Now the more shocking part of the whole thing is that TIME chose such a disturbing image, a picture that will haunt children and adults alike for a long time, to go along with a cover story titled 'What Happens if We Leave Afghanistan'. In doing so, they reduced the significance of the main issue, of a girl being mutilated for protecting herself, for trying to exercise her right to live a poster for promoting U.S presence in Afghanistan. 

Interestingly though, conditions of Afghan women did not necessarily improve after the invasion by the U.S army, as is pointed out in here - So perhaps the U.S does not even have a strong case in propagating that Afghanistan will revert to barbarianism if they leave. The U.S government takes Rudyard Kipling 's 'The White Man's Burden' pretty seriously, it seems. ;)

Hence,the bigger question is not whether the U.S should continue to be at war with Afghanistan to free its people of the Taliban or not, rather it's if women in Afghanistan should go on war against such atrocities to claim their FREEDOM or not...


  1. Hats off ma'm , I told ya u were better than me ;)
    Keep it up kira aunty :P

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  3. nice article..

    Though I would love to see u write on issues which have greater direct and apparent impact on our society

    For example:-
    whats happening in our Mining belts
    Whats the story behind villagers protesting for land accusation
    Insights into Micro-finance business and apparent failure of Govt. loan schemes etc.

  4. sorry for being demanding at the outset! :)

  5. Whats the need of US to enter Afghanistan!!N what can US do to improve the conditions of females out there in Afghanistan.......see the conditions of ladies in rural India...I gss its worse.....paraded naked, burnt alive, stoned to death alive etc!!!

  6. @ Arnav: Please be'll push me to be a better blogger.

    @ Godevil: Now that the U.S has already entered, I can only say that I don't see the need for the U.S to stay in Afghanistan. As for what it can do to improve conditions of women there, it can. It can overrule such punishments and protect the rights of women, over and above the Taliban.
    I am not well-versed with the subject of women in Afghanistan, to be able to compare it with India. But yes, the condition of women in rural India is sad. So can you think of something we could do about it? Don't you think it would be great if we could? :)


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