Friday, January 21, 2011

Give Them Wings! campaign

My friends and I were walking down the street outside our college one of these days, when we came across that old bird shop near there.

It's a small shop that keeps a variety of very tiny and extremely cute birds in cages :(  Sometimes 10 or more stuffed in one cage. But now that I think about it, perhaps those are better off than the ones who have to languish all alone in those cages. For, there's someone to share their misery with.

Not that they speak to each other and cry or laugh. But, they definitely cuddle, tweet (the original meaning of the word) and tweak with their beaks. Those moments are meant for the camera!

Some of the cages are empty though. Those birds were lucky to find loving owners (hopefully), who don't keep them in cages, or at the very least, much bigger cages, where they can do the one thing they were meant to do - FLY! 

This wasn't the first time we had come across that bird shop. Every time I had crossed it, I felt for the birds, I wish I could open the cages and let them fly, but at the same time, I knew I was helpless, I couldn't open the cages and let them fly. Why?

Because the owner claimed them to be his for he had captured them from forests. But is that enough to make those birds his property? What if I kidnapped a human from his house? Can I claim to be his owner? The world would go berserk if they let such a thing happen to humans.

Here's an idea one of my friends came up with, that day -

A pair of birds costs Rs. 400 in that shop. So he suggested that we all contribute the money (there were 5 of us), buy a pair and set a pair of birds, free. Give them wings!


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