Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Give Them Wings! campaign - Part II

In response to my campaign to free birds that are being sold in cages, reader Nitin Arora, said 
"As an animal lover you would love to see everyone free and it will satisfy your emotions. But my concern is, your campaign will indirectly help flourish the shopkeeper's business. And tomorrow you will see the same birds, perhaps at the same shop which has only grown bigger, with more number of birds ending up in cages."
Thank you Nitin, for raising a very valid concern. How could I forget the economics behind the bird business? Silly me. Thought emotions were more powerful than money to change this world.

People, please STOP buying these birds. 

According to the PETA law-
  • It is illegal to catch, keep, buy or sell birds.
  • The law applies to all indigenous birds, as well as foreign birds, except for the love birds  and the blue rock pigeon.  It is punishable by a fine as well as upto five years in prison.
    I am familiar with the Indian judicial system, so not much hope with the punishments there. Awareness is what is going to help stop this menace.

    Please help spread the message.

    Also, please leave the addresses of any bird shops you come across, in the comments space below. I'll prepare a list of defaulters and send it to PETA India. 


    1. And how wud u discourage people? Wot abt the people for whom these birds are as good as soft toys?

    2. By talking to them. I am sure not many know that it is a legal offence. I didn't, up until now.

    3. I didn't know it was illegal here either. In old Delhi there is a fairly extensive bird market. When I visited, nobody acted like the business was illegal.

    4. That's the worst bit about this. The bird business is thriving blatantly in many places all over India. I came across this quote in a news article - A bird seller in Noida's Atta market said, "I have broken several cameras. If you want the same thing to happen to you then go ahead and take pictures." http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/feature/illegal-trade-in-endangered-birds-flourishes-in-delhi-with-images_100156920.html


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