Monday, July 11, 2011

I won!

Friends, countrymen and people from around the world! 

This is a big 'Thank You' to all you guys for reading my humble commentaries for almost a year. I started blogging in August 2010 and have enjoyed the experience since.

The blog had originally started as an assignment in my journalism school but I soon got addicted to the limitless feeling of the medium and continued.

Today, the blogging community, Blogadda, has featured 'Wings' on their homepage! And I am so excited to have won their 'Notable Newbie' award -

Woohoooo!!! :D

Note: It says 'newbie', which means I am still new to the blogosphere and would love your feedback, reviews, comments, critiques, anything, everything :)

Keep pouring in!

P.S. - Thanks Ben for introducing me to blogging.


  1. Yanna rascala! :P Congratulations, you idiot! I can't wait for more fame for you! This is bloody brilliant! You famous moron- I love you! You really were awesome! Biggest hug!

  2. *are. Sorry. :D

  3. Thank you Tanny!! Correction: I'm not famous :P Hug :)

  4. But soon you'll be today you are a notable newbie soon you'll be the best blogger of the country...and I can say with complete confidence that you are one of the best bloggers I have read so far....and most of those people have been for long as opposed to you who just started blogging...way to go girl! You were the best blogger in class...and soon you'll be the best blogger everywhere....this is sooo awesome you loads :):)

  5. Behen, chane ke jhaad pe chada dogi aise toh neeche utarne me mushkil hogi :) You are a sweetheart! Too too kind! I don't know how to handle so much praise. I am blushing :D Long way to go honey, need to keep my feet on the ground.

  6. Hey that's wonderful, Ira. Congratulations! :) Welcome to the big league!

  7. Thanks Arcopol! What an interesting name :)

  8. Wow! congrats!!
    Keep blogging.


  9. Thanks Vijay! You have an interesting blog.


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