Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trying my hand at photography

This was my first attempt with a DSLR camera. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! It's addictive once you start using it. Would love to get my hands on one, again. Anyone gifting me one, anytime soon?

All of them have been shot in my garden. Dad's hard work with his blossoms finally pays off :)


A step-to-step guide on how to become a novice photographer -

Step 1. Find a cousin/friend/generous soul who owns a DSLR camera. If you already own one,  you most likely are a good photographer.

Step 2. Bribe them, patronize them or beg them to lend you their camera for a while.

Step 3. Wear the long strap around your neck and let the camera hang loose from your neck.

Step 4. Look into the mirror for a confidence boost and imagine yourself to be a professional shooting for NatGeo/Discovery.

Step 5. Once you're ready for the shoot, go straight to the macro mode.

Step 6. Start clicking pictures of anything you think would make a good subject, because how hard you may try, the macro mode almost never lets you go wrong.

Step 7. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty (and I mean literally), sit or stand or lie down to get those interesting angles.

Step 8. Finally, when you see the photographs you clicked, you'd learn you didn't have to do much. The camera managed most of it on its own.

Step 9. You gradually realize good cameras make good photographers.

Step 10. You bribe, patronize and beg your cousin/friend/generous soul to let you keep it.

(Step 10 didn't work out for me. But you should keep trying! Tell them how much photography means to you and that you can't dream of a life without it :P)


  1. Nice Pics *****

    now dun say that here..

    u sold the opportunity to get one for a kindle!

    dint u!

  2. I also said next birthday :P


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