Wednesday, December 15, 2010

From A.R to A.R

One of my all-time favorite musicians is A.R Rahman. And as I was surfing through his latest releases today, I came across an awe-inspiring freedom story!

The big international 'star' that Rahman is now (though he retains his trademark humility, or so it seems from afar) it wasn't much news when I read he's performing at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. The more amazing news about his latest music was that he's given the sound score for Danny Boyle's movie, 127 hours.

127 hours? Quite an odd time figure. But that's about the same time, mountaineer Aron Ralston took to come out of the Utah canyon alive after getting trapped in it for days. Ralston endured the pain for five days and then finally freed himself by cutting off his right arm, which had got stuck under a boulder. The movie is a biopic of his life.

Aron and Rahman
It's like a Man vs Wild episode gone wrong. Wonder what Bear has to say about this. I salute you Ralston, for your strength and endurance! You are truly an inspiration. I can't imagine what I'd have done in such a situation.

I eagerly await for the movie to hit theatres (another movie based on a true story!). After the much-hyped Slumdog Millionaire (direction being the saving grace of the movie), I hope this one's going to do more justice to Boyle's talent.

Here's one great man paying tribute to another -


  1. Great title !

    I'm so glad you called slumdog overhyped. Even after watching 127 hours, the only good feeling I had after watching it, was that it was a true story.

    The tribute, has left me speechless. Amazing.

  2. Thank you :) So had it not been a true story, 127 hours was not worth a watch?

  3. 'Course it would have. But then it wouldn't have seemed that inspirational. The fact that it was true gives you the 'Yes I can' feeling about life.

  4. Okay. I wanted to know if it's worth a watch from the movie point of you. How's the direction, acting, cinematography, scripting, dialogues, all that?


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