Monday, August 30, 2010

Misinterpretation - Text or texter?

Here's an excerpt of a comment that was made by Mukul Bhatia on the post, "Freedom of religion...questionable in America". It had got me thinking deeper into the issue, which is why I thought that today's post should be about that -

Why Muslims. Always? Elaborate. We need to OPEN OUR MINDS and be more TOLERANT and accepting of others. Really? Imagine losing someone close, very close, for some text, intentionally misinterpreted text to defeat everything great a man could be(in the name of morality and inability), for the sake of some text, a mere text written ages ago. And imagine celebrating and glorifying that very text at the same place where you lost someone. 

First of all, a big thank you for your comment, Mukul! It's an engaging discussion you have started there. 

What I could interpret from your question is that, you were asking why is that always Muslims feel threatened about their religion? Why are Muslims always in the news for injustice done to them or their religion? 

The unique thing about the Quran is that it places religion and religious liberty above everything else. Now, how did you interpret the above statement? Out of context and out of place, it can draw a completely different meaning than the one it was meant to have. The Quran, like any other text, that has been translated into other languages from the original one is open to misinterpretations. Yes, as you pointed out, it has been done intentionally too. That's how the youth in various terrorist-breeding areas have been brainwashed into turning into Jihadis. Jihad is another misinterpreted term in itself, though.

But none of this takes away from the fact that misinterpretation of a text by a group of people cannot put the text or its followers on the scaffold.  I am g
lad that you made that last statement. That's the whole point of the debate. Is it okay to disrespect the text because someone misinterpreted it (intentionally or otherwise)? Is the text itself wrong or the user of the text wrong? Can you blame the text for terrorist activities? If yes, then I believe you has a point. If not, why should the text and its worship be maligned?

Also, I think we get too much into the Muslim bit when we are talking about a Muslim. So for example, if a Taufiq Ahmed(fictitious) raised his voice against an injustice done to him, it's not a person asking for justice, it's a Muslim asking for justice. We are just as sensitive to their religion, as they are. The media too has gone a long way in creating this image. 


So yes, we do need to open our minds and be more tolerant and accepting of others. 

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  1. Thank you for all the attention, I genuinely - genuinely appreciate it. :)

    Also: If this blog and my comments are going anywhere personal, then please tell me. I shall never dare to comment again:). My purpose here is simply one thing, Progression of thoughts and viewpoints, very very honestly.I am not debating, or trying to impose a thought. I am explaining my view and wish to know if it's liked. If you did not write the above writeup for the sake of your personal viewpoint that you wish to broadcast, then certainly, the following text is not worth a read.

    About the blog:
    I think you took me very wrong Ira.
    I ask you a logical question. Imagine things the way they were. How man started his life, discoveries, and stuff. Some dude came up with mystical concept of God. Why?
    1) He believed that masses can be guided into the right direction by mysticism, or
    2) He wanted to rule them.

    Religion was born.
    Religion: Set of truths/rules/regulations/ for people to follow to obey/give respect to something great (Valid only in the first case). So the primary purpose of any religion (If it is for the good) is to make sure a man lives unto the maximum of he or she can, (or like in Sikhi, where god is 'loved' for his 'kindness' and 'greatness' than being afraid of, making their followers feel protected). Coming back:
    Islam was born, and followed.

    Islam for a Muslim: A personal choice. Something he has in his heart, something that makes him be what he is, and love his life, and this world to the most and make his small life in this world meaningful and fulfilling.
    Again, A personal choice. Something very very personal, and strong.
    (This reminds me of one of my favorite movies 'Brick Lane'. I really want YOU to watch it.It's beautiful, and it's what I call romantic)

    How can Stevie Wonder feel any need of tolerance for a personal choice of 'someone's personal interest or whims' that made him lose his fiancée he was getting married to next month.? Is tolerance an emotion that is psychologically even close to possible?

    (You shall not reply if you feel violated by any sort)


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