Monday, August 23, 2010

Buried...but ALIVE!

Too many negative stories about freedom doing the rounds...moving away from the negativity for a I'd like to leave you guys with a more hopeful note :)

Trapped miners keep their faith in freedom

Here's a story of how the hope of freedom is keeping 33 men in Chile alive!

Thirty-three miners in Santiago, Chile, got trapped in the San Jose gold and copper mine on August 5th, 2010 as its main entrance collapsed due to falling rock. It's been 18 days since and all the men have been confirmed alive! A probe was sent more than 2000 feet into the mine this sunday, which came back with two messages. One was a letter written by the one of the miners trapped inside, to his wife.
'Dear Liliana, I'm well, thank God. I hope to get out soon. Have patience and faith. I haven't stopped thinking about all of you for a single moment. We're hearing the drilling machine. Let's hope it gets here this time … I'm sure we'll get out of here alive. I hope to talk to you later."
And the other was a note that was read aloud by the president of Chile:
''All 33 of us are well inside the shelter" 
The drilling that the man is talking about here will take at least FOUR MONTHS to create an opening large enough for the miners to be pulled out. And yet, the men are hopeful.

There is a positive note embedded in the word itself...FREEDOM...the condition of being free. So all that is keeping them alive is the faith that they will be free one day.  The desire to be free is so strong that it has driven men to overthrow empires (numerous nations are a testimony to that - the French revolution , the Indian freedom struggle), to revolutionize societies (Nelson Mandela's fight against apartheid ) and to survive in extreme conditions and come out alive (The Bielski brothers, Jewish brothers who defied the Nazis and saved another 1200 Jews in Nazi Germany ). 

Here we see another miracle story of 33 men who will endure these FOUR months and hopefully come out alive. AMEN!


  1. thanks for sharing this amazing story

  2. It indeed is an amazing story. Hats off to the miners!


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